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Share Secured Loan

A share secured loan is a simple way to borrow, secured by money you already have saved at the credit union.
Did you know the current share secured loan interest rate is: 1.5% above the share rate. Where else can you get a loan rate as low as 1.55% APR*? 

Check out the many benefits:

  • The lowest cost loan HPCU offers and everyone is approved!
  • The only loan where you, the borrower, gets to pick your payment as long as it is above the interest due!
  • Loan is collateralized by the funds in your savings account.
  • This loan is a great option if you are looking at borrowing money but not wanting to deplete your savings account.
  • Perfect for those with less than stellar credit since there in no credit check for approval, but will be added to your credit to start re-establishing a solid trade line.
  • Income is not verified so those that are newer to the self-employed field come take advantage of this product.

Give one of our loan officers a call to talk options that fit your needs!


*APR = Annual percentage rate. See rates page for terms and conditions