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Harbor Pointe Credit Union


In 1933, the Credit Union was formed to serve teachers and staff in the Duluth School District. Since then, the Credit Union has expanded its field of membership several times. The most recent expansion 3 years ago included anyone living in South St. Louis, Carlton and Douglas Counties, as well as Two Harbors. These expansions were necessary to help the credit union continue to grow and remain a healthy and vibrant financial institution in our region. Growth of our membership allows us to continue to offer many of the best low cost financial products and enhanced electronic services that consumers desire.

The Board of Directors has been in discussion for the past several years examining ways to remedy market confusion with our current name. Although we have had a community Field of Membership for several years, a common misconception remained – membership is still exclusive to “Duluth Teachers” only. After much research and consideration, the credit union Board of Directors and management team determined the name change necessary to reach out to all eligible members in the regions we serve. The name change was voted on and approved at the 83rd annual meeting held this past April. The new name was also approved by our regulators in June.  

This name change better positions the credit union for future growth and diversification by serving more people in our region who deserve a quality, member-owned financial institution. The name selection process took over two years. The Board of Directors, management and staff were involved. Our regulators and the UMD Center for Economic Development also were consulted. Our members were provided a survey for their opinion on name change and of the respondents, 67% were in support of a name change.

The new name, Harbor Pointe Credit Union, was selected by the Board of Directors as a name that better encompasses the region we serve. This name will also allow us the potential to open future branches in the counties we serve.

By selecting a new name, we are making an investment in our future and have provided a foundation for growth for generations to come.

What Else Will Change?

Our staff and Board of Directors will continue our commitment to offering you the best low cost financial services in our region.

The financial services you currently have will remain the same. You can continue to use your same credit union checks, debit card and credit card. When you reorder checks they will come with new name imprinted. Credit and debit cards will renew with new name imprint as well. Your account number as well as our credit union routing number will remain the same and you won’t need to contact your payroll or retirement direct deposit provider. We are currently working on exciting updates to our website. Watch for our new site to be unveiled in the coming months. 

Our plan is to gradually transition over to the new name late summer and fall, with the new naming complete with the opening of the new Kenwood Village Branch office in late November 2017.

We take pride in the credit union, its history, development and what it has become today – A credit union of over $108 million in assets, with nearly 8,000 members. You are an important part of our history and an even more important part of our future. You can continue to count on our local and personal service. We promise that the fine credit union you joined and supported will live on in Harbor Pointe Credit Union.