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Score Card Rewards

Score Card Rewards come with every Harbor Pointe Credit Union Visa® Classic Card*!

Watch your Score Card points add up fast when you use your Harbor Pointe Credit Union VISA® Classic card for every day purchases!

  • Earn one Score Card point for each dollar you charge on your Harbor Pointe Classic Credit Union Visa® card.
  • Score Card points can be redeemed for travel, hotel stays, car rentals, gift cards, quality merchandise.
  • Score Card points never expire.
  • There is no annual fee to carry a Harbor Pointe Credit Union Visa® card.


  • Pay with points at Walgreens, CVS and Dollar General Stores nationwide.
  • Fuel Discount Awards, Redeem points at participating gas pumps for fuel discount.
  • Redeem2Erase – Use your reward points to erase recent merchant transactions! Simply pick a date, pick a transaction, and redeem your points to receive your credit transaction.
  • DailyWins – Use your reward points to enter daily sweepstakes for chances to win big prizes.
  • Digital Awards – Use your reward points to download your favorite music.
  • Give to Charity – Use your points to give to local charity organizations.

To find out more simply enroll in ScoreCard and start enjoying your reward benefits today!  ENROLL HERE


For easy access to the ScoreCard website and to track your points simply log into Visa Online. Besides having convenient access to all of your Visa account information, you will see how many points you have along with a quick link to ScoreCard for easy redemption of your points for airline travel, hotels, car rentals merchandise and gift cards.


*Classic Visa with ScoreCard Rewards requires an active checking account