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Mobile Check Deposit

To Deposit A Check
  • Endorse check as you would if you were depositing at a credit union branch and write “For Mobile Deposit Only” below signature. All parties the check is payable to must endorse the back of check.  By noting “for mobile deposit only,” you have just safeguarded the check if by chance it were to get into the wrong hands and someone were to try to cash it again.
  • Log in to Mobile Banking app
  • Select Deposit / Deposit a check
  • Select account to credit / must be a checking account
  • Type in dollar amount
  • Take a photo of the front and back of the check
  • Photo Tips
    Flatten folded or crumpled checks before taking your photo
    Place check on a solid dark background that won’t reflect your camera flash
    Make sure there is plenty of light on the check
    Capture all four corners of the check by holding phone/tablet directly overhead
    Check to make sure that no other objects are included in the photo frame
    If your image is blurry, move the camera a few inches higher (away from check)
    Try turning off the flash if you’re having problems with quality or lighting
    The app reads the MICR line (numbers on the bottom of your check) and the amount box; make sure both are readable
  • Carefully enter the amount to ensure it matches the check (note the written out amount on the check)
  • Keep check for 60 days, then shred
  • Notify us within 3 days if deposit does not show
  • Keep the app up to date with the latest version (open app store to review installed apps and ones pending approval for updates)


Who is eligible to use Mobile Check Deposit?

  •  Harbor Pointe Credit Union members with an active checking account
  • New accounts must wait 30 day before using this service and demonstrate financial responsibility with account.
  • This service is available to business accounts as well however, there is a small fee for business accounts to use this service, check fee schedule.

Are there limits for deposits made through Mobile Check Deposit?  Yes, checks of $5,000 or less can be accepted through mobile check deposit.  Limits are set as a safeguard against check fraud.

What type of checks can I deposit?  Checks made payable to you and drawn on a financial institution within the United States can be deposited through Mobile Check Deposit.

Why is my check deposit declining?  Is the check amount over the daily maximum? Is the image unclear? See photo tips above.
Do you have the latest version of the app? Check by going to the app store to see if there is a pending update for the HPCU app.

The check I deposited was returned. Can I re-scan it? No, you cannot re-scan a returned check. Your account will be assessed a return item fee and you will receive copy of the deposited item. It is best to contact the party that gave you the check that was returned.