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10 Year Mortgage

10 Year Term

3.79% APR*

 Benefits Include:

Compare a Harbor Pointe Credit Union 10 year in-house mortgage to conventional mortgage financing and you will find substantial savings, pay bi-weekly and save even more!

Mortgage Held at Harbor Ponte Credit Union

Your mortgage stays right here at the credit union, not sold on the secondary market. This allows you the freedom to make payments directly to your mortgage anytime you like. Have a question about your mortgage? We are local and here for you, stop in or call us anytime.

Make Payments Bi-weekly If You Choose 

We do not charge a fee to set up bi-weekly payments to your mortgage. Paying bi-weekly helps reduce your principal and interest even faster. We can help you set up payments to come directly from your payroll as well.

Call 722-9242 or visit our mortgage center at any credit union location for more details!

Comparison Estimate***

$100,000 mortgage / 10 yr term/less than 80% loan to value 

 Our 10 Year In-house  Conventional Secondary
 Amount  $100,000  $100,000
 Interest Rate  3.79%  3.25%
 Estimated P&I Pmt  $1,002.13  $998
 Appraisal Required  No  Yes
 Estimated Closing Costs**  $1,429  $4,178

*APR = Annual Percentage Rate, up to 10 year term, first mortgage position only, mortgage remains at Harbor Pointe Credit Union. Payment example based on $100,000 loan amount at 3.79% interest rate with an APR of 4.013%, 120 monthly estimated payments of $1,002.13 which includes principal  & interest payments. Maximum Loan-to-Value is 80%. Rate subject to change without notice. Current Harbor Pointe Credit Union 10 year in-house mortgage refinances do not qualify. See a Mortgage Specialist for complete details.

 *** Illustration purposes only, Estimates based on 08/3/17 rates and are used for comparison only