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Harbor Pointe Credit Union Fee Schedule
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Checking Account Fees
NSF Fee (Item Returned) $30.00/item
Overdraft Fee (Item Cleared) $30.00/item
Paid Uncollected Fee $30.00/item
Overdraft Transfer Fee (manual Transfer) $2.00/transfer
Stop Payment Fee $25.00/request
Standard HPCU Share Draft (check printing) $24.20/box of 100
$16.50/box of 50
Temporary Checks $2.00/for 8
Draft (check copy) $2.00/each item
Canadian Deposited (check or money order) $10.00/each item
Returned Check Deposit $5.00/item
Foreign Deposited Item Return Fee $15.00/item
Excessive Withdrawal Fee $5.00/withdrawal
(after 6 transfers from savings/month)
Overdraft Line of Credit Access Fee $3.00/each transfer
Inactive Checking Account (after 1 Year) $10.00/month
Other Service Fees
Request to Mail Receipt $1.00
Phone VISA® Payment By Teller $2.00/request
Domestic Wire Transfer $25.00/transfer
Incoming Wire Fee $5.00
International Wire Transfer $75.00transfer
Credit Union Check (cashier’s Check) $5.00/check
Certified Check $7.00/check
VISA® Gift Card/Travel Card $4.00/each
Travel Card Reload Fee $2.00/reload
Account Reconciliation $25.00/hour
Statement Copy Fee $5.00/copy
Debit Card Replacement Fee $15.00/card $50 for express delivery
Early Account Closure Fee (within 90 days) $25.00/account
Account Below Minimum Balance $5.00/account
Levy/Garnishment Fee $50.00/occurrence
Return Mail $5.00/piece
Invalid Address fee $5.00/month

Dormant Account Fee

(3 years no activity & balance below $500)

$30.00/year (account may be closed if below par)
Bill Pay Fee $4.00/month
Signature Guarantee Stamp $5.00
VISA® Card Replacement Fee $15.00/$30 expedited delivery
Check Cashing (combined balances under $50) 1% of check amount
Coin Counting (combined balances under $50) 1% of coin total
Loan Payment By Debit Card $5.00 per payment
Lien Release Replacement Fee $5.00
Lender Request Payoff $10.00
Unperfected Title $25.00/month
Duplicate Mortgage Satisfaction $25.00
Virtual Checking Fees
Check clearing fee (after 4/month) $1.00/check
Business Checking Fees
Service Fee $10.00/month
Volume Fee .20 per debit (after 35 debits per month)
Coin Counting 1% of coin total
Safe Deposit Box Fees
Annual Rent Size 3×5 $25.00
Annual Rent Size 3×10 $45.00
Annual Rent Size 5×5 $40.00
Annual Rent Size 5×10 $60.00
Annual Rent Size 10×10 $90.00
Change Locks $50.00/box
Drilling of Box $250.00/box
Safe Deposit Late Payment $10.00

Updated: 08/01/2017